Flowers on Bank

florists in whangareiGive a gift from the heart: Flowers on Bank!

Our story is a simple one. We are a passionate team of experienced florists in Whangarei who simply adore creating gorgeous, fragrant, colourful bunches of love every single day. Our talents lie in expressing emotions through our floral arrangements: be it a heartfelt thank you, a joyful congratulations, a heavy-hearted condolence or a romantic extravagance; we have the experience, the compassion and the artistic flair to impress.

florists in whangareiCan’t find the words? Say it with flowers!

We can express any emotion with clever use of colour and composition. We have the most talented florists in Whangarei, simply tell us about your recipient, event or situation and we’ll do the rest! We also have many pre-designed arrangements that may suit your needs; feel free to browse our collections for inspiration. Not quite sure what will suit the occasion? Don’t despair! Chances are we’ve encountered your situation before, and we’ll have a great idea to suit your needs.

Trust us – we’re the florists in Whangarei who really know what we’re doing! Call us today to discuss ideas and place your order, or simply select a bouquet from our online collections and order online. It’s quick, easy, and absolutely secure!